Karen Jonson, Writer, Author, Marketer, Blogger, Coach

Karen is a self-published author, and the Founder and Coach of the Indie Book Marketing Community.

Karen Jonson

Writer, Author, Blogger, Marketer, and Founder and Coach of the Indie Book Marketing Community


Hello! I am Karen. I have been a writer most of my life, including working for 30 years as a freelancer writer of business articles, marketing communications, and public relations materials.

I started writing at an early age, composing poetry and journaling throughout high school and college. After graduating with a BA degree in professional writing, I began writing for publications. For several years, I was the editor for how-to marketing publications for doctors and university presidents, guiding them through the process of marketing their practices and educational programs. Following those positions, I worked as a freelance marketing writer and strategist for corporations, helping them promote their products and services.

In the 1990s, I ghostwrote a book for a businesswoman, helped her self-publish it, and marketed the book until it was sold to a major publisher. In 2010, I wrote my first book, a how-to for freelance writers. After four years of writing, I completed my memoir in 2012, and began selling copies from a website to a select audience in February. In October, I launched my memoir on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and a print-on-demand paperback.

My extensive marketing background, years as a writer, and experience as an author, bring an ideal mix of skills for guiding self-published authors through the often daunting and overwhelming world of marketing books.

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