Book Marketing Courses

Authors — Here Are 3 Ways to
Learn How to Sell More BooksB!

Choose the Way that Works Best for You!

The Indie Book Marketing Community offers authors three powerful ways to learn exactly how to market your books — faster, easier, and better. These book marketing courses work for every genre, and for both fiction or non-fiction. Take the next best step on your book marketing journey today — pick one of the three options below: a 12-week deep dive, a 30-day fast-track, or a blogging course.

Course Option 1 — Book Marketing Coaching for Authors

12-Week Book Marketing Deep Dive with a Coach — Enroll Now!

This course is perfect for authors who want to take a 90-day deep-dive adventure into the nitty gritty of book marketing. Research shows that we reach our goals faster and easier in an environment of support, education, and guidance. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you join the Indie Book Marketing Workshop. To learn more and register for the course, click here: Book Marketing Coaching Forum for Authors

Course Option 2 — Market Your Books Smarter Workshop

30-Day Fast Track to Learn All of the Basics of Book Marketing — Enroll Now!

This course is ideal for authors who want to learn book marketing basics rapidly in a self-paced learning environment. Book marketing can be complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. This is designed to cut out the time-wasting steps — and guide you to take the best steps to promote your books in today’s marketplace — with more confidence than ever before! To learn more and register for the workshop, click here: Market Your Book Smarter Workshop for Authors

Course Option 3 — Blogging 101 Course for Authors

15 Powerful Blogging Lessons — Designed to Help You Sell Your Books!

Do you have a blog yet? If you don’t, why not? If you do, is it helping you market or sell your books? If you don’t already have a powerful blog, you need one — otherwise your book marketing efforts will all be at a severe disadvantage. If you have a blog, but it’s not helping you sell books, you need to re-do it so that it works for you. To learn more and register for the course, click here: Blogging 101 Course for Authors

Got questions? Please contact me directly at karen (at) indiebookmarketingcommunity (dot) com.