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Authors need to know so much today to market their books in today’s increasingly competitive book marketplace. That’s where the Indie Book Marketing Workshop comes in. This one course will take you on a deep dive of the best practices in book marketing — so you can save time and sell more books.

Everything You Need to Focus Your Energy, Stop Wasting Time, and Find Your Readers

You have so much to gain from the Indie Book Marketing Workshop including:

  • You’ll come out of this course with a whole new perspective and appreciation for the power and potential of marketing your books smarter.
  • You’ll never again face a wall of defeat at the prospect of launching your book into the Himalayan Mountain of books already in the marketplace — with more arriving daily.
  • You’ll finally understand the critical steps that take your book from one of the millions that only sell a few copies to one of the books that reaches its full potential.
  • You’ll be among the exclusive world of authors who no longer flounders in the world of book marketing and selling.
  • Best of all, your book marketing skills will sharpen — and your confidence will soar (like anything, confidence is a critical key to success).

In fact, the contents of this workshop is so good, I use it myself to promote my books!

Weekly themes for the 12-week Indie Book Marketing Workshop course include:

1. Strategic Insight — Understand the Purpose and Power of Creating a Smart Book Marketing Strategy
2. Branding Essentials — Create a Brand for You and Your Book so You’ll Stand Out in Today’s Crowded Marketplace
3. Amazon Optimization — Optimize Your Amazon Landing Page to Gain Every Sales and Marketing Advantage
4. Blogging Smarter — Establish Your Home Base – Where the Magic Happens and Reader Relationships are Built
5. Reader Discovery — Gain Critical Elements for Creating a Reader Discovery Map So They Can Find Your Books
6. Social Media — Choose the Right Social Media for Maximum Impact and Use Them the Right Way
7. Visual Impact — Explore Hot New Opportunities in Video, Images, and Graphics to Gain a Viral Advantage
8. Blogger Outreach — Leverage the Vast Universe of Book Bloggers to Build Your Name and Fame
9. Media Outreach — Adopt the Smartest Approach to Pitching Traditional Media Outlets
10. Networking Insights — Target the Most Advantageous Group and Networking Opportunities for Your Book
11. Public Speaking — Learn Where and How to Get Your Message Heard — and How to Speak With Greater Confidence
12. Smarter Sales — Make the Right Sales Pitches at the Right Time to the Right Readers

The best part? You only have to set up your book marketing system one time  — and it will keep working for you to sell your book(s) for life!

Gain Knowledge, Experience, and Motivation to Sell More Books!

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If you have any questions about the Book Marketing Coaching Workshop, please email me directly at
karen (at) indiebookmarketingcommunity (dot) com.

Disclaimer: Individual success of authors who participate in the Book Marketing Coaching Workshop is based on each author’s individual skills, motivation, and discipline.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can cancel at any time and receive a pro-rated refund — no questions asked!