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Do you have a blog yet? If you don’t, why not? If you do, is it helping you market or sell your books?

If you don’t already have a powerful blog, you need one — otherwise your book marketing efforts will all be at a severe disadvantage. If you have a blog, but it’s not helping you sell books, you need to re-do it so that it works for you.

You Need a Powerful Blog to Successfully Market Your Books Today — Here’s Why:

Because a good blog is the second most important tool in your book marketing master plan.

(What’s the number one most important book selling tool? We’ll cover that in the course — along with many other book marketing insights!)

You must have a blog to sell your books online today — and now there is a course that will help you make sure you have a great blog. The Blogging 101 Course for Authors gives you the opportunity to take an important step on the road to marketing your books easier, smarter, and more effectively.

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15 Powerful Lessons that Will Boost Your Blog — and Improve Your Book Marketing

Here’s a sneak peak of just some of what you’ll learn in the Blogging 101 Course:

  • Choose a Great Blog Name – What will you call your blog? Lesson 1 will help you discover the best name.
  • Pick an Intelligent Blog Platform – There are many blogging platforms today — but only one that will give you the best chance of success. Lesson 2 will point you in the right direction.
  • Find a Great Blog Design – Studies show that your blog’s design contributes heavily to its success. Lesson 3 will cover what you need for a great blog design.
  • Select a Dependable Blog Host – You want to know your blog will be there when you turn it on! Lesson 4 guides you in how to choose a dependable blog host.
  • Choose a Reliable Email Provider – Building a list should be your marketing priority. But you can’t without a respected email provider. Learn more in Lesson 6.
  • Use Natural Keywords and Links – SEO is about keeping it real and avoiding trying to game the system. See what this means in Lesson 10.
  • Create Great Blog Posts – Successful bloggers have found the best way to write blog posts that get attention. Lesson 12 will show you how.
  • Find Interesting Blog Topics – What will you write about? This is a common question new bloggers ask. Relax, because the ideas are endless. Lesson 15 will share blog post idea generation tips.
  • And gain many more important blogging lessons for authors!!

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Disclaimer: Individual success of authors who participate in the Blogging 101 for Authors Course is based on each authors’ individual skills, motivation, and discipline.

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