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There is a secret that many bestselling authors know. But don’t expect them to tell you. They want to keep their competitive advantage. But I’ll show you — step-by-step in the Market Your Books Smarter Workshop for Authors.

Book marketing can be complex and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop is designed to cut out the time-wasting steps — and guide you to take the best steps to promote your books in today’s marketplace. Easier and with more confidence than ever before!

Whether you are publishing your first book or want more sales from books you’ve already published, this course will help you learn how to market your books smarter.

What does marketing smarter mean? If means:

  • Finding your book’s target audience — without wasting a lot of time.
  • Bringing your book to readers’ attention — without annoying them.
  • Targeting the right media — and pitching ideas that actually attract their attention.
  • Using social media in the right way — so you aren’t ignored.
  • And much more.

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30 Powerful Lessons that Will Boost Your Book Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Market Your Books Smarter Workshop:

  • Lessons 1 and 2 – Gain Simple Steps to Create a Book Marketing Plan — Creating a book marketing plan is the smartest first step you can take to focus your energy, time, and money on marketing your books. These two lessons show you a simple way to create you book marketing plan.
  • Lesson 3 – Learn How to Identify Your Books’ Readers — Many authors fail to take this step and, as a result, lose out on important opportunities to sell their books. This lesson will show you how to find and target your books’ target readers.
  • Lessons 4 thru 11 – Discover the Right Way to Use Social Media — Social media can be a powerful part of marketing your books, but most authors are doing it wrong. This not only hurts their sales, but also gives them a bad online reputation. Learn the do’s and don’ts of selling books on social media in these lessons.
  • Lessons 12 thru 21 – Find Out How to Turn the Media on to Your Books – Like social media, many authors are not doing publicity the right way. This is a huge loss, because doing publicity right can have a great impact on your book marketing efforts. Discover how to do publicity the right way in these lessons.
  • Lessons 22 thru 28 – Follow Six Steps to Build a Discovery Map for Your Books — In today’s mountain of books readers need a map to discover the books they’ll love. These lessons will guide you through the steps of creating a discovery map – so readers can find you!
  • Lessons 29 and 30 – Learn Tips for Managing Your Book Marketing Operation – Running a book marketing campaign takes careful planning and time management. These lessons will give you tips to keep your spirits up and your book marketing plans on track.

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But act quickly — because research shows that when people don’t take immediate action on something valuable to their life and career, their chances of ever taking action drop all the way down to 10% — even though the action would bring them incredible benefits. Don’t let this fact of human nature keep you from doing the one thing that could change your life as a successful author more than anything else.

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