What’s Your Story? — Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Book Marketing Workshop

by Karen Jonson

Many Famous Authors Have Gained the Power of a Background Story to Help Sell Their Books — and So Should You!

What's your story? on chalkboard

Finding your personal author story could help you stand out in today’s crowded book marketplace. The upcoming Book Marketing Workshop includes a lesson on finding your own compelling author story.

What’s your story?

Not your book’s story. Your personal background story.

The story that explains how and why you wrote your book and became an author.

In other words, your personal brand story.

Why should you have a background story?

Because a brand story gives authors several amazing benefits that help you attract readers’ attention and sell your books including:

  • Brings your personality to your written words.
  • Helps you stand out among your competition.
  • Triggers your readers emotions.
  • Boosts your authority as an author.
  • Gives focus to your marketing activities.
  • Gives you a media hook — because the media love stories.
  • And, best of all, makes you memorable.

Some Famous Authors’ Background Stories

Most authors who’ve written at least one book, have developed a distinctive voice. However, what many authors haven’t created is their author stories.

A personal story gives people a hook that will help them remember you. Many authors don’t stop to think about how much power a personal story can give their career — but every author should.

Consider the power of these authors’ stories — and how it helped them sell their books to more readers.

J.K. Rowling, Bestselling Author of the Harry Potter series
As a young, divorced mother living barely above the poverty line and surviving on social security, J.K. Rowling began writing a novel that had come to her one day nearly fully formed on a train ride. She wrote the first book of Harry Potter in cafés, because taking her baby out for a walk was the best way to make her fall asleep.

Nora Roberts, Bestselling Romance Author
Single mother Nora Roberts began writing a romance novel during a blizzard in February 1979 while housebound with her two small boys. Roberts states that with three feet of snow, a dwindling supply of chocolate, and no morning kindergarten she had little else to do. While writing down her ideas for the first time, she fell in love with the writing process, and quickly produced six manuscripts.

Taylor Stephens, Author of the Breakout Hit, “The Informationist”
Born into the Children of God cult, raised in communes across the globe, and denied an education beyond the sixth grade, Taylor Stevens broke free of the cult in order to follow hope and a vague idea of what possibilities lay beyond. She drew on her strange experiences in her cult to write her first book of fiction, an international thriller.

Jenny Lawson, Bestselling Author, “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened”
Jenny Lawson started blogging at thebloggess.com several years ago to learn how to write so she could write a book. Along the way, the blog developed an enormous fan base; people related to her irrelevant posts on her quirky family and struggles with physical and mental health issues. Her first book hit bestseller status during its first week of publication.

These authors’ personal stories conjure unique and memorable identities that set them apart from other authors in the book marketplace.

It’s Time to Tell Your Author Story to the World

Discovering and telling your story will go a long way toward differentiating your books in today’s increasingly crowded book marketplace. Every author has a story — if you just know where to look and how to craft it.

The upcoming Book Marketing Workshop will help you find you personal story.

The Workshop’s author branding lessons include:

  • Discover your unique author story
  • Create a compelling way to share your story
  • Craft the details that bond readers emotionally to your story
  • Tell the story in a way that captures readers’ attention

The Book Marketing Workshop starts Saturday March 14. Seats are limited — sign up now to reserve your seat. The 12-week course gives you everything you need to market your books smarter including:

  • Your own book marketing coach
  • A one-on-one chat with your coach about your book and your goals
  • Weekly deep dive lessons
  • Daily to-do’s to keep you on track
  • A private Facebook community for support and motivation
  • And much more

Sign up today for the Book Marketing Workshop.

Special offer — sign up now and receive all four special reports for FREE.

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