9 Power Tips to Boost Reader Engagement on Your Facebook Page

by Karen Jonson

Note: This lesson is an excerpt from the Market Your Books Smarter workshop.

The latest research shows that about 1% of the people who follow you on Facebook will see your posts. You read that right: ONE percent! It’s discouraging, I know.

The fact is that getting results from Facebook is getting harder — unless you spend money on ads or promoted posts. Even if your followers hit the “following tab” that step does not guarantee you a spot in their newsfeeds.

The fact is that Facebook has accomplished its long-term goal: to generate income from ads.

Fortunately, there are still some ways to get more engagement and traffic from the social media giant without spending money. (Note: The main trick is getting people to engage with your posts.)

How to Generate More Interest on Your Facebook Page

Here are nine ideas to improve your results on Facebook:

1. Understand How the Newsfeed Algorithm Works.

In order to appear in people’s Facebook newsfeeds, it’s important to understand what can help you get there. There are a few factors that are considered in the algorithm:

  • Number of comments your followers make — the more the better
  • Type of posts you post (photo, video, text only, link, etc.) — photos and video are best
  • Who posted the update — you or one of your followers? — your followers is best

2. Post Great Content.

Share your best articles on Facebook, and encourage people to leave comments and likes (simply asking them to is the easiest way).

3. Engage With Followers.

The trick to getting people to engage with you is to engage with them. Spend some time every week interacting with people by liking their posts and especially commenting. Also, respond to everyone who comments on your posts – this helps encourage more people to join in your discussions.

4. Join Relevant Groups and Become an Active Group Member.

Facebook groups can be a great source of engagement and traffic. So, look for and join groups that are related to your niche, and where users are active.

Post your content on the page (if allowed), ask questions, and engage in conversations.

5. Post Photos.

Visuals are vital in social media — including Facebook. Posting a great image can be surefire way to get more engagement and get shown in newsfeeds.

Posts with photos are the most successful, gathering a staggering 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs than posts without photos.

6. Ask Questions.

By asking a direct question in your posts, you are more likely to get comments. In fact, question posts on Facebook get 100% more comments than regular posts.

Try asking questions that are in some way related to your book, and that would capture people’s interest enough to answer.

7. Keep It Short.

A study conducted by Kissmetric found that posts with less than 80 characters get 66% more engagement than longer posts.

8. Post Highly Sharable Content.

Some call it “Facebook Candy.” It’s the type of content that Facebook users are excited to share with their friends. An example is eye-catching images with inspirational or motivational quotes.

9. Post at the Right Time of Day.

The time when you post can have a significant influence on your results. Studies have found that Facebook is at its most active around 3 p.m. on weekdays. This means that if you post at these times, your post has a greater chance of being noticed.

However, there is no magical time for everyone – so it’s best to post at different times during the day and night to see when you get the best results.


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