Have You Started Scheduling Your Book’s Promotional Campaign Yet? There’s No Time Like Now to Get Organized.

by Karen Jonson

To Accomplish the Multitude of Tasks Necessary to Launch a Book, Authors Must Construct an Ideal and Do-Able Action Plan

Pulled in too many directions.

Self-published authors have a endless list of tasks to accomplish to launch their books into the marketplace. Creating detailed schedules is the best way to ensure you stay focused.

At the heart of a successful book promotional campaign is the planning stage – including scheduling time for every task you need to accomplish before you can announce your book to the world.

Scheduling your book promotional program is important for a number of reasons including:

  • Scheduling will make it real. It’s one thing to know you need to take 1,000 steps to get your book into the marketplace. It’s another to have the tasks written down on a calendar.
  • Scheduling will keep you organized. With all of the tasks involved in marketing your book, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. While it can be overwhelming to say, “I need to launch a blog,” it’s much more manageable to say, “I need to contact blog designers” and “I need to outline my blog content.”
  • Scheduling will help you track milestones. When your tasks are broken down into small, manageable steps, you’ll enjoy greater satisfaction as you tackle them one at a time.
  • Scheduling will make it happen. I don’t know about you, but very little happens in my career if I don’t make specific plans for it. I have tasks and goals plotted out on an annual calendar, a monthly calendar, and a daily calendar. This is the only way that I could have built a successful business as a freelance marketing writer and written three books.

Five Categories of Promotional Tasks Authors Should Schedule

There is a seemingly endless list of tasks authors need to plan for in order to ensure a successful book launch. And every major task has multiple sub-tasks.

Here is a brief overview of the tasks most authors will need to accomplish for their book promotion.

1. Online Promotions.

This includes everything that relates to marketing your book online. There are many online promotional tasks that you need to plan for your book promotions, such as, your website, your author blog, social media avenues, Amazon author page, virtual book tours, author video, and book trailer.

2. Offline Promotions.

This promotional category includes everything that relates to marketing your book offline. Examples of these tasks include radio interviews, television interviews, events you want to attend, print articles you want to write, and book readings.

3. Business Development.

Are you comfortable with public speaking? Do you want to handle all of your book publicity yourself or hire someone to help you? Will you shoot your own videos or hire a professional? This category represents everything you need to do to develop your book business, including taking public speaking courses, hiring a publicist, or finding a video expert to create your book trailer and author video.

4. Book Reading Tour.

If you are engaging in a physical or online book reading or tour, you’ll want to think through every step of the process to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Some questions to consider are: Who will you personally invite to each event? How will you promote each event? Will you bring any giveaways to the events? What will you say to your audience?

5. Final Countdown.

There are a multitude of tasks that need to be accomplished in the days leading up to your book launch. To make sure each one gets done, it’s wise to plan them out on a calendar. At this stage, you want to think “micro-manage.”

For a successful book promotional campaign, it’s never too early to get started planning the many tasks authors must accomplish.

Have you started planning your book’s promotional activities yet?


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