Are You Ready to Market Your Books Smarter? — The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop is Now Open for New Students

by Karen Jonson

Learn What it Takes Today to Reach Your Potential Book Readers, Hand Them a Book Discovery Map, and Encourage Them to Make a Purchase

Here’s the author fantasy:

We write the last word of our book, hit publish on Amazon, and announce our book to the world everywhere we can think of. Instantly, people stop what they are doing — including putting down the books they are reading now — buy our book and immediately devour it (and then hopefully leave a glowing five-star review on Amazon).

Here’s the reality:

We hit the publish button and begin blasting “buy me” messages all over Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We beg our friends and family members to buy the book, then face the reality that they are waiting for us to give it to them free. We try to give book readings at our local bookstores, but they give us the cold shoulder. We send emails to the media that seem to have been sent into oblivion.

Then here’s what happens: The self-published author declares one of the following statements:

  • “People don’t buy books anymore.”
  • “People expect books to be free.”
  • “Social media doesn’t work!”
  • “You need a traditional publisher to market your books.”

They make statements like these and they believe them — despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

In fact, people are buying books. Self-published authors are selling books. And some authors are doing a much better job of marketing their books than traditional publishers.

Overwhelmed by new

Are you overwhelmed by getting out the news about your books? It’s time to create a smarter book marketing system — so you can maximize your time, manage your life, and sell more books.

The difference in these two scenarios is simple — one group of authors has worked hard and discovered a system that works to sell their books. The other group of authors has spent all their time and energy doing the wrong things. Now they are tired, frustrated, and ready to give up.

The Reality Check All Authors Need to Cash

Selling books is harder than ever. There are more authors writing more books and doing more promotion now — and it’s only going to get more competitive.

This is exactly why I created the Market Your Books Smarter Workshop — to help authors like you have a fighting chance in today’s book self-publishing boom.

Seven Powerful and Practical Book Marketing Guidelines — Not Pie in the Sky Fantasies

This Workshop is unlike any you’ll find today.

For one thing, it makes no promises about achieving bestseller status, being easy, or making you rich quick.

Have you ever noticed that those kinds of offers never actually work?

Instead of selling you pie in the sky fantasies, this workshop provides you with practical information that will help you set up your own smart book marketing system and accomplishing these seven essential objectives.

1. Systemize Selling.

One of the primary issues I hear from self-published authors today is that they do not have uncountable extra hours available in their average week to market and sell their books.

In the Market Your Books Smarter Workshop you’ll discover how to create a marketing system that works with your life — not against it.

This means you will learn techniques to create a realistic book marketing and selling strategy. Achieving this goal begins will careful planning including:

  • Understanding exactly who your target market is
  • Learning where and how to promote to your target market
  • Planning to work with your available time and resources
  • Knowing what to expect from each book promotion avenue

2. Build a Map.

Many self-published authors spend a lot of time crying into their morning coffee because they’ve spent uncountable hours beating down doors to get someone — anyone — to buy their books.

This is the conventional approach. But what works better is an unconventional approach.

Don’t go to your potential readers. Instead give your readers a way to find you — give them a Book Discovery Map.

The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop will cover how to build Book Discovery Maps step-by-step — including social signposts, educational billboards, and pull-off-the-road-now checkered flags.

3. Socialize Smarter.

Is there anyone who loves social media? It seems to be the bane of many people’s existence.

It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming. It’s tedious.

But it’s also a huge boon to self-published authors — IF they work with it, instead of against it.

One of the secrets is not to blast your “buy me” book sales messages in people’s face.

Instead of trying to force them to take action, you should give them regular gentle nudges in your direction.

4. Engage Readers.

Until your readers are ready to buy your books, you have to keep them engaged.

The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop will show you how to give readers a “home base” — where you can keep them interested, informed, and, hopefully, one day inspired to cross the chasm from casual interest to super fan.

Your home base is your blog — and it’s central to your marketing system.

5. Hook Readers.

Selling today is about keeping people’s attention until they are ready to make a purchase.

It’s called the “buyer’s journey” in marketing parlance.

Holding readers’ interest while they traverse the buyers’ journey involves several techniques, including having a system that drips out enticing nuggets.

The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop will give you multiple ideas on creating fascinating tidbits that will keep readers engaged and hooked.

6. Sell Wisely.

As I’ve already mentioned, the typical “buy me, buy me, buy me” blitz is death to book sales.

It. Does. Not. Work.

Instead you have to understand when it’s okay to send sales messages to your core audience and when it’s not.

This is one of the most important messages authors can learn. Always remember that it is very very easy for readers to hit the “unsubscribe” button — and never hear from you again.

7. Close the Holes!

Even the most comprehensive marketing and sales programs have holes in them — gaps where authors lose potential readers.

What you need is a system that is gap-free!

The Market Your Books Smarter Workshop will help you make sure there are no glitches in your book marketing system — so your hard-earned prospects won’t fall through the cracks.

Karen-Dec13-Projects-01If you have written a book you believe in, it’s time you gave it the support of a book marketing and sales system you can believe in, too.

Give your book a fighting chance — check out the Market Your Book Smarter Workshop today.

The doors are wide open for you to start learning how to build your smart book marketing system — and see how good it feels to sell your books.

Click here now to learn more about the Market Your Book Smarter Workshop


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