The Secret to Attracting More Readers in Your Book Marketing — Be Interesting!

by Karen Jonson

If You Can Only Do One Thing — Focus on How to Be More Interesting With Your Book Promotions — Here Are a Few Interesting Tips!


To stand out in the crowd of authors and books, you have to be interesting. Learn how to be more interesting in every step of your book marketing in the Book Marketing Workshop. Register now – starts March 14.

To sell our books we need to generate attention.

And to generate attention, we need to be interesting.

Far too many authors are posting dull, “me-too” promotions today — and no one is paying attention.

It’s time to break out of this rut — and stand out in the crowd.

But how?

What are the secrets to being interesting, grabbing attention online, and enticing people to ask: “Who is this fabulously interesting author?”

We’ll explore the issue of how authors can be more interesting in their book promotions deeply in the upcoming Book Marketing Workshop starting this Saturday, March 14th.

In the meantime, here is a sneak peek inside the How to Be More Interesting Lesson — with a few quick tips you can put into action now.

How can you be more interesting on Twitter?

Offer a window into your personal life, without getting TOO personal.

How can you be more interesting on Pinterest?

Go big or go home! Large images stand out in the Pinterest feed.

How can you be more interesting on Facebook?

People mainly look at your pictures on Facebook. So, put your best face forward. If
 you don’t like how you look in pictures, just smile bigger.

How can you be more interesting on Tumblr?

Short posts. A lot of pictures. A good name is a must. Find something that people will search all the time.

How can you be more interesting in print interviews?

Think sound bites! The whole time a reporter is interviewing you he or she will be listening for those quotable nuggets that will make their article interesting. If you’re not fast on your feet, try to think of a few in advance. Of course, make sure your cleverest sound bites promote your book.

How can you be more interesting on radio?

Just because people won’t see you, doesn’t mean you should ignore the physical side of the equation. Listeners will hear it if you use well-timed gestures and smile – so be animated during your interview. Try to match or slightly exceed the host’s energy level to avoid sounding flat.

How can you be more interesting on TV interviews?

Show some style. Choose one or two ways to let your style shine through – a bright accessory, unique jewelry, or unique hairdo. As long as you look professional, it’s okay to have a showy accessory.

How to be a more interesting public speaker?

Have great stories! Consider comedians. They don’t just talk about anything when they’re on stage. They tell stories. Well rehearsed stories. Always have three good stories on hand that reliably entertain, inform, or engage — especially stories about people. Drama, gossip, and reality TV are successful for a reason. We all find human behavior fascinating.

Want to learn more interesting ways to be more interesting in your book promotions?

Join the Book Marketing Workshop NOW!

We’ll dive deep into understanding exactly how to be more interesting in your book marketing program — so you can stand out from the sea of authors and books, and attract more readers.

We’ll also take a look at The Top 10 Habits of Interesting People.

Register today. Claim your seat. Go here now — Book Marketing Workshop registration page.

The Book Marketing Workshop starts Saturday, March 14, 2015. I’d love to help you market your books smarter.

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