How My Vacation Sparked a Powerful New Book Marketing Workshop Idea for Authors

February 10, 2015

Exclusive New Coaching Course Available to Only a Small Group of Authors — Get on The List for 12-Week Workshop (Limited Number of Seats!) I just took my first vacation in three years. Just as vacations are meant to do, I got some much needed rest and relaxation. But also — thanks to a change […]

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How Book Marketing is Like Storytelling — A Four-Part Series on the Transformative Journey from Author to Marketer

January 13, 2015

Part One: From Wasteland to Fear — What’s Holding You Back from Your Book Marketing Journey? “I loved writing my book, but have no idea how to get the general public to even take a look at it — and I’m too afraid to venture out into this strange world!” An author wrote this on […]

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7 New Year Resolutions for Authors — Resolve to Boost Your Book Marketing this Year

January 1, 2015

Here’s How I Plan to Accelerate My Book Marketing Engine this Year — Want to Join Me? There’s nothing like a new year to get off to a fresh start. I spent the tail end of 2014 making my book marketing plans for this year. I’m excited about the possibilities. Have you made your plans […]

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Six Essential Marketing Skills Every Author Needs Today to Sell Their Books

November 12, 2014

Do You Have the Skills You Need to Market Your Books in Today’s Competitive Book Marketplace? I’ve recently noticed something interesting — very few authors list marketing as one of their skills in their job titles. They often include other skills, like writing, editing, and publishing. But almost no one says they are a marketer. […]

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Authors’ Three Perceptions (and Misconceptions) About Blogging — Which is Your View?

November 3, 2014

Blogging is More than Just Throwing Words Out into the Blogosphere — You Need a Smart Blogging Strategy to Reap All of the Rewards It’s been just two weeks since I launched my free Blogging 101 Course for Authors — and during this short time I’ve learn a lot about authors’ attitudes, thoughts, and misconceptions […]

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Top 10 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Authors Need a Blog – The Main Reason is Probably Not What You Think

October 24, 2014

Sign Up for My Free Blogging Course for Authors Today — and Launch the Most Important Piece of Your Book Marketing Program Within days of launching her book, Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend this Never Happened, was on The New York Times bestseller list. How did this miracle happen? There is only one way: Jenny developed […]

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Happy Accident — How I Created My Own Luck Through My Book Marketing

September 4, 2014

Just Do Something! — You Never Know What Can Happen When You Do Something to Market Your Book Marketing books is hard work. I am a marketer. by profession. I write websites, white papers, emails, and more to help companies sell their products and services. With this background, you’d think marketing my book (a memoir, […]

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Knitting a Long Tail in Niche Publishing – Featured Session on Book Marketing at SXSW 2012

June 29, 2014

Author, Publisher, and Knitter, Shannon Okey Discusses the Realities of Traditional Book Publishing Today – and the Opportunities in Self-Publishing 2012 was the year of the book at SXSW – there were more sessions on book marketing that year than ever. What’s more, many of the other sessions, such as talks on content and idea-generation, […]

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What is the Number One Obstacle Holding Authors Back from Achieving Success? — Themselves!

March 30, 2014

Authors Face Struggles from All Sides — From Rejection to Slow Book Sales. But Their Worst Enemy Might Just Be Themselves. Editor’s Note: This is a second interview with Hannah Hempenstall on this blog. You can find the first interview with her here. (This is also the second blog post on the issue of authors being […]

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Free Public Speaking Course — How to Give Book Readings that Engage Readers and Make Them Want to Read Your Book

February 14, 2014

What’s Your Public Speaking Fear Factor? — An Online Course May Give You More Confidence I’m sharing some love today — this 14th of February 2014. Recently I found a free online course on public speaking. I signed up. Then I realized that I should let other indie authors know about this great opportunity too. […]

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