Authors’ Three Perceptions (and Misconceptions) About Blogging — Which is Your View?

by Karen Jonson

Blogging is More than Just Throwing Words Out into the Blogosphere — You Need a Smart Blogging Strategy to Reap All of the Rewards

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Having a blog – and a smart blogging strategy – is the best way authors can promote and sell their books today.

It’s been just two weeks since I launched my free Blogging 101 Course for Authors — and during this short time I’ve learn a lot about authors’ attitudes, thoughts, and misconceptions about blogging.

From the many comments my Blogging Course generated on LinkedIn, I’ve found that, generally speaking, authors tend to have three perceptions about blogging to promote and sell their books.

I’d like to share these three generalized viewpoints — and clarify what I mean when I say blogging is the most powerful book promotion activity in which authors today can spend their valuable time, energy, and resources.

1. Blogging is a waste of time (the way they’re doing it, yes, it is).

Authors in this category tend to have a misconception about the art and science of blogging. They assume “to blog” means just launching from any free blogging platform and talking about their books endlessly. Many authors have tried this approach. Naturally, they didn’t sell any books. As a result, they came to the conclusion that blogging doesn’t work and is, in fact, a huge waste of time.

They are right. This approach will never work and is a huge waste of time. But that’s not what I mean when I say authors should be blogging. There has to be a smart strategy around your blog, just as you need a smart strategy around any activity you engage in to sell your books. Just throwing words out into the blogosphere and hoping to sell your books is like throwing spaghetti against a wall and hoping it will stick. This approach doesn’t work for blogging, or for any book promotion activity, including social media, public relations, or book readings.

2. Blogging is a great idea, but I don’t have any _________ (fill in the blank: time, ideas, know-how, etc.).

Some authors are so overwhelmed with writing their books and getting them published, that once the books are finally on Amazon (or wherever they’re selling them), their energy is completely depleted. I totally understand this. Having gone through hell to write my memoir, I just couldn’t keep my head in that world any longer to market my book for the first couple of years it was published (note: the people who did buy it were the people following my blog). Then I wised up — after all, I wanted to sell my book to a wider audience.

By making excuses on why they cannot blog, authors are missing one of the most powerful opportunities to accomplish several valuable goals — foremost among them, building a list of readers interested in your books, your genre, and the topics you write about on your blog. Again, achieving this objective takes a smart strategy. But it’s time well spent when you consider the immense benefits.

3. Blogging is the best way to build an audience and sell books today.

Authors who think this way comprised the smallest group that I’ve come across. These are authors who not only fully understand the power of blogging, attracting people to their blog, and building a list of fans, followers, and subscribers — but who are doing it. As a result, these are the authors who are selling their books — sometimes several books a day just through blogging.

The smart blogging strategy I am referring to includes:

  • Blogging about subjects readers are interested in (not just whatever they want to write about, and certainly not just about their books).
  • Encouraging readers to subscribe to their blog by offering something of value for free (like a few chapters of their books).
  • Inviting people to their blog from social media sites (with the free offer).
  • Emailing their subscribers with special offers and notices about upcoming new books.

While there are many, many ways to promote our books today — and many experts telling us which are the best ways — I contend that having a blog, building a list of subscribers, and executing a smart blogging strategy is the very best expenditure of our time, resources, and energy.

That’s why I created my free IBMC Blogging 101 Course for Authors. I want to share this opportunity with every other author who is open to the idea — so they stop spinning their wheels, get out of their book marketing rut, focus their time and energy in the right direction — and spend their time on the one activity that will reap the highest reward in today’s book marketing world. Blogging with a smart strategy!

My free course—IBMC Blogging 101 Course for Authors—is designed to help you:

  • Launch a great blog that will help you find readers
  • Understand the power of having an author blog
  • Generate interesting ideas for blog posts
  • Learn the number one secret to help you sell more books
  • And much more

To access this free 15-day course, just subscribe to my blog. You’ll immediately begin receiving a lesson a day in your email box. Click here to learn more and sign up.

This is my gift to my fellow authors – to help you sell your books more efficiently and effectively. I’m excited to share it with you.

Also, learn about my five-step Book Marketing Series for Authors.

P.S. Find all of my recommended blogging resources here.

Happy Blogging!

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Andrew Bright Ikeogwu November 3, 2014 at 10:15 am

Thanks for your immense effort at explaining the need for Authors to blog and also encouraging them to do so in order to reap the benefits that come with it in selling more books. I am actually going though my 15 day free course on blogging which you are graciously sending to me.

I told myself that if you have the time to prepare the materials then I must create the time to read them. Today, am expecting my eighth lesson. It’s quite interesting what you are doing to help folks like me. I cannot thank you enough but,let me just sayit again. THANK YOU!

As for where I belong in the three categories of Authors about misconceptions on blogging, I would say the third and last category. I believe it is a good idea to blog even though I have not started blogging because I am not fully informed about it. Never the less, I am sure after the short course, that my attitude will definitely change. I want to learn more about it so, I CAN GO ON TO BLOG.


Karen Jonson November 3, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Hello Andrew,

I am so happy to hear that you are gaining value from the course. You comment has made my day. I strongly believe in this approach to book marketing and I want to share it with other authors — so they can reap the benefits. It take some commitment and strategy, but once you get the system in place, it will be way easier and more rewarding that just spinning your marketing wheels.

I’m rooting for your success!!


Diane November 5, 2014 at 12:29 pm

There are many sites that offer ‘blogging’ advice. It’s so nice to find one that actually helps! Thank you!


Karen Jonson November 5, 2014 at 10:46 pm


Thank you so much for the support! I’m so happy to hear the Blogging Course is helping you.



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